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MAJ Carlos C. Ogden, Sr., U.S.A.
Citation: Medal of Honor
War: World War II

MAJOR CARLOS C. OGDEN, SR. (then First Lieutenant), U.S. Army, Company K, 314th Infantry, 79th Infantry Division. On the morning of 25 June 1944, near Fort du Roule, guarding the approaches to Cherbourg, France, 1LT Ogden's company was pinned down by fire from a German 88mm gun and 2 machine guns. Arming himself with an M-1 rifle, a grenade launcher, and a number of rifle and handgrenades, he left his company in position and advanced alone, under fire, up the slope toward the enemy emplacements. Struck on the head and knocked down by a glancing machine gun bullet, 1LT Ogden, in spite of his painful wound and enemy fire from close range, continued up the hill. Reaching a vantage point, he silenced the 88mm gun with a well-placed rifle grenade and then, with handgrenades, knocked out the 2 machine guns, again being painfully wounded. 1LT Ogden's heroic leadership and indomitable courage in alone silencing these enemy weapons inspired his men to greater effort and cleared the way for the company to continue the advance and reach its objectives.

Mr. Ogden was a LIFE MEMBER and the Legion of Valor National Commander 1984-1985. He lived in Northern California.

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